Deirdre, 2019-2020

This custom costume was designed and created by me. The dress and sleeves are created from a matte bridal satin with added trims, while the cape is made from charmeuse. Photographs courtesy of Ben Kopchak and Keragen Corpening. Editing and modeling done by myself.

Floral Dress, 2019

Inspired by the forest and doll clothing, this dress was created for the summer of 2019. It was created from cotton knit fabrics, fully lined, features princess seams, and falls just above the knee.

Women’s Work, 2019

This series was created as my undergraduate thesis project. The work analyzes the historical roles of women in Colonial America. I sewed a Colonial-inspired dress, and to create the three large posters I scanned the dress and added text. Keeping in the tradition of women’s work, my thesis piece is comprised of materials that are typically seen as feminine, and that do not carry the same masculine connotations as painting and sculpture. Through this work, I’ve brought these materials together to bring out the beauty of an often under-appreciated craft.

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